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We take a positive approach to your health.
No guilt trips here!

You’ve probably been promised a quick fix (or many!) in the past. We believe that good health is a journey. You not only reap the rewards when your health improves, but you will also benefit from what you learn along the way. Our goal is to empower you to get better and stay better in an achievable and fun way. Our classes are LIVE and intentionally unscripted. You will get to know the Launch team, bloopers, and all.

Chef Jeremy delights. I never knew how much fun I could have cooking! I used to dread cooking, and now I look forward to planning and getting my family involved.  The best part is that our family is healthier, and we all feel better—Kid approved!

Natalie- and my family of four
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We are on a mission to simplify healthcare.

We believe everyone should learn and engage in their healthcare without being labeled (Who wants to be referred to as a “diabetic”?).

You are in the driver’s seat, and we’re here to help navigate. We do this by arming you with the information and support needed to make the best health decisions for you as a person, not just a patient. Our services are provided in a virtual (online) setting and are accessible to everyone. No waiting in a sterile room for your doctor. No labeling you by your diagnosis.

What you do has a profound effect on your loved ones.

Imagine that a mom takes our classes and uses the skills learned to cook for her family. She begins to see the power this food has on herself and her family. Her family’s health overall improves. They all have more energy, and her children have an easier time learning in school. Her children grow up eating more nutritious, whole foods. When they have families of their own, they pass on the joy of healthier living.

Our team is committed to
your health.

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