Launch My Health's Favorite Things

You asked, we answered! Here are Chef Jeremy and Dietitian Megan's most recommended kitchen and nutrition tools.

If you’ve taken a Chef Jeremy cooking class or one of our nutrition courses you’ve probably seen some of our favorite tools in action. Here’s a list of our favorite things. And remember, the two most important tools in the kitchen – your hands!

We’re all about supporting local businesses and getting a feel for kitchenware before buying. However, for your convenience, we’ve included Amazon links below so you can easily check them out without breaking a sweat.

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Chef Jeremy's Recommendations:

I'm always asked what kitchen tools I love and can't live without. Well, here are some of my absolute favorites. But let me make one thing clear: you do not need all of these tools or these specific brands to whip up incredible dishes!


If you've taken my knife skills class, you know the Chef Knife is where it's at! So instead of buying a block of knives that you won't use very often, I recommending putting that money into buying one great Chef Knife. There are many excellent options, so take your pick for what fits your budget.

Dietitian Megan's Recommendations

Take charge of your health goals and start making meal prep simple! I have met with hundreds of clients as a dietitian and simplifying food choices is a priority for everyone. Here are my top meal prep recommendations: