Discover what the power of food and nutrition can do for your employees, members, patients, and customers. There is a tsunami of chronic disease, mostly driven by what we eat, which brings a massive economic burden to every industry, decreases quality of life, and decreases work productivity. While there seems to be a pill for every ill, part of the answer actually lies on your plate. Could the solution really be this simple and cost effective? The answer is YES!  We know the issue is complex, but the food on your fork does matter. Let us help you simplify this part of the solution.

We work with employers, healthcare systems and clinics, payers, nonprofit organizations, and government entities.

"We were looking for a digital solution to drive engagement in healthy eating, culinary skills, and kitchen confidence. There really isn’t a product in the marketplace quite like Home Chef Pro - it was an easy choice! The setup was quick and the team at Launch My Health has been great to work with. Our employees are loving it - some even think it should be required learning!"
Fortune 100 Company HR Leader

60% of American adults are diagnosed with at least one chronic disease and 40% have at least two. 

The Food and Nutrition Solution

  • Employees with healthy and balanced diets have a 25% better performance at work and were 27% less absent from work.
  • Modifiable health risks, like high blood pressure, glucose, cholesterol, and weight, are associated with the higher employer costs. Our programs help address these risk factors.
  • 31-million women in the workforce are going through the menopause transition and 80% are suffering from symptoms. 20% of these women surveyed believe that menopause has impacted their manager’s perception of them negatively
  • Every dollar that employees spend on wellness programs generates about $3.27 in lower medical costs and $2.73 in less absenteeism.


Digital Culinary & Nutrition Program Subscriptions

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Virtual Private Nutrition Coaching

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Nutrition-focused Electronic Health Record (HIPPA-compliant)

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Professional Education

Virtual culinary and nutrition continuing education courses for physicians, dietitians, nurses and more.

50% of people with IBS would give up caffeine or alcohol to alleviate symptoms

24% would give up their cell phone and the internet 4


  • Busting stigmatized conditions (gut issues, menopause, stubborn weight gain, brain fog and more)
  • Positive approach, valuing inclusivity and offering programs that empower change by YOU!
  • Designed from scratch! Every recipe, video, and workbook has been created by us for you! We test every recipe. Trust us, they’re delicious.
  • Innovation that is results focused. Nothing stodgy here—we blend emerging research with consumer trends when designing programs. We must admit, we ROCK in this area.

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