We love our clients, and our clients love Launch!

Here are some of their Success Stories

  • I never knew how much changing my diet would make a difference in how I feel every day.  I have more energy and have lost weight, which I didn’t expect.  

  • I love attending the live cooking classes, seriously this is so much fun, and I feel so much more confident in the kitchen. Plus, I found out what foods were bothering me when I did the restorative detox program.

    Age 32
  • Everyone needs this membership. What a great way to take care of your entire family.  What we eat today makes a difference in the rest of our lives.  To my surprise, my teenage kids love this.

    The home pro chef series is hands down the best education! You won’t regret a minute, solid tips and tricks that make cooking easy and fun. Plus, you learn about how to make good choices. 

    Age 44
  • Wow, where has this been my whole life? I have been working with Megan to lose weight and manage my diabetes and have learned how to cook.  I love it and have lost weight, and my diabetes is under control.  

    Age 44

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