We love our clients, and our clients love Launch!

Here are some of their Success Stories

  • I can’t believe how much Launch has helped me get on a better path and improved my health. I’ve discovered several food sensitivities, my labs have improved, my sleep apnea is gone! I have lost 12 pounds and I have more energy. 

    Age 42
  • Despite using antihistamines for years, I could never control my “runny nose”. Through Launch, I now know I have an issue with gluten. Now that I’ve eliminated it, my runny nose is gone as is the bloating I’ve lived with for years! It feels like I have taken a step towards keeping myself healthy as I age. 

    Age 54
  • I am shocked at how good I feel! Within 2 weeks of starting Restore, I have more energy, my bloating is gone, and I’ve lost weight. After 5 weeks, my hot flashes were gone, and I figured out sugar was the trigger. I sleep better than ever and feel good about the changes I’ve made. Launch has been a game changer for my quality of life. 

    Age 51
  • Overnight I became a care giver for my wife with Lewy Body Dementia. I never really cooked before and was over whelmed. Through Launch’s Home Chef Pro, I leaned how to cook, had fun, and was inspired to try new foods. My wife has since passed away and cooling has become one of my favorite things to do. My health is great at the ripe age of 79. You’re never too old to take care of yourself. 

    Age 79
  • Everyone needs this membership. To my surprise, my kids love the classes too. 

    The cooking classes are hands-down the best! You won’t regret a minute I’ve learned so much about how to make cooking easy and enjoyable. And most important for my family, nutritious and delicious. 

    Age 32

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Get Exclusive Offers and Stay Up-to-Date

Get Exclusive Offers and Stay Up-to-Date