Our evidence-supported nutrition programs give you the how-to steps to improve  your symptoms and reach your health goals. Each program is led by a Registered  Dietitian and filled with recipes, meal plans and helpful tools.

Your services may be HSA or FSA eligible.

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Take your cooking skills to the next level, whether you’re a novice or a renown foodie!

Love the live feature so I can ask questions during class, and if I miss a class or want to watch again, I can view it in the library (I have had my husband watch a few classes too). 

Age 52


Create your own customized approach with private one-on-one visits. Meet with a registered dietitian specializing in functional nutrition to get personalized guidance and support.

A dietitian can help you with your health goals: Gastrointestinal issues, Meal planning for one or for a family, Autoimmune conditions, Weight Loss, Cardiometabolic health (blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar), Chronic Pain, Hormonal health (PCOS, menopause transition), Chronic skin irritations, Food allergies & sensitivities, Disease prevention, and more.

Testing Now Available: At-home food sensitivity & micronutrient lab testing is now available as an add-on to Nutrition Consultations.